Successful candidacy for the 2017 European Championship in cross-country

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The success of the Slovak Athletic Union (SAU) candidacy to organize the 2017 European Championship in cross-country owes a lot not only to good preparation and an excellent presentation, but also to the personality of Matej Tóth.


The presence of the World Champion in walking at 50 km was decisive during the decision-making of the European Athletics (EA) council members, who by a vote of 12:3 favoured ELEMENTS RESORT in Šamorín over Dublin as the venue of the Championship. “Choosing Matej Tóth was a very good choice. I am glad that he was helpful and agreed to take up this role. His presence gave our candidacy maximal seriousness,” said SAU President Peter Korčok at a press conference on Wednesday.

Tóth will continue to hold the post of the Championships Ambassador. “I will be part of the team, helping with presenting the event and trying to attract as many spectators as possible. The organizers are also planning a mass run during the Championship, which I would like to take part in and try the track of the continental Championship in HIPPO-ARENA ELEMENTS RESORT,” said Matej Tóth.

According to EA representatives, both candidacies were well prepared, though a month before visiting Slovakia, the delegates recommended postponing the Slovak candidacy until 2018 in the final report. “This did not discourage or distract us in our effort to gain the organizing rights. Our candidacy was based on real facts without a single made-up point. We had it all consulted and we did not go to Frankfurt am Main to present an essay, but to play a fair game,” said the Vice-President of the 2017 ECh in cross country organizing council, Ladislav Asványi. President of the ELEMENTS RESORT a.s. Board of Directors Juraj Bača added: “We offered them relevant facts and Matej Tóth offered them a story which proved to be decisive. It is great that we got the Championship, but this is only the beginning. We´ve got lots of work ahead of us to prove to Europe that we can organise an event of a similar scope here in ELEMENTS RESORT.”