x-bionic® sphere at ISPO Munich 2016

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x-bionic® sphere is the perfect place where sports, leisure activities and innovation meet.This modern sports and recreation center located in Šamorín, Slovakia was also presented during the recent ISPO 2016 in Munich,an event dedicated to new trends in sport and business.

ISPO Munich 2016 took place on 24 ‒ 27 January 2016 and during the exhibition, x-bionic® sphere was introduced to the general public.On Monday, January 25, on the stage of the modern X-BIONIC® exhibit stand, the two men behind the development of x-bionic® sphere spoke to reporters from all over Europe. The creators who came up with the idea of a multipurpose sports center, Mario Hoffmann and Prof.Dr.Bodo Lambertz, founder of world-renowned brands X-BIONIC®, APANI® and X-SOCKS®, had the following to say:“This center is more than about sports.It is a place for families, for all people who want to relax and rest.x-bionic® sphere lets you do whatever comes to your mind.It’s fun and enjoyment for the people,” were the words Prof.Lambertz used.

Together they highlighted the uniqueness of the entire x-bionic® sphere complex, whose modern design, location and unparalleled conditions provide first class facilities for professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, businessmen and those who appreciate a healthy lifestyle, good food, and wellness.By joining forces with X-BIONIC®, a world-famous sports brand, x-bionic® sphere is making its mark as it seeks to become a market leader.“The idea to build this complex came about gradually”, added Mario Hoffmann. “We got to know each other two years ago and immediately realized we were of the same mind.This led to a lot of brainstorming together and this great connection between us.I am sure this partnership is going to last a long time.”

x-bionic® sphere is an athlete's paradise.Here can be found the best training facilities in the world, creating professional conditions for 27 Olympic sports.It includes one of the most modern riding centers in Europe, first-class accommodation at the X-BIONIC® HOTEL, convention space and several restaurants and bars to enchant the senses.Mario Hoffmann closed the presentation by saying,“I wish especially for people to use what at one time was just a thought in my head.It’s up to us to popularize x-bionic® sphere globally, too and joining with X-BIONIC® is the right path to take.”