FILIP OSPALÝ will lead the triathlon training camps at x-bionic® sphere

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What do you think of Challenge Family races?– we asked Filip Ospalý, Czech triathlete and ten-time Czech Olympic triathlon champion, whose 3rd place finish at his first long-distance Ironman Florida in 2013 put him among the top 20 athletes in the world. With a time of 7:58:44, he was able to complete the 3.8 km swimming, 180 km bicycling and 42.2 km run in under eight hours. Filip is the reigning European champion in the half distance triathlon, winning his first European title in 2001 on home grounds in Karlovy Vary in the olympic triathlon, Czech Republic and 14 years later repeating his success in Rimini, Italy.

“Just as the name says,it is a great challenge for me and it truly has a family atmosphere.I always look forward to the races in this series.”

In what way will Challenge Samorin be unique?

“For one, the facility itself.There are few venues in the world where competitors have the transition area, starting line and finish line only a few dozen meters from bed.x-bionic® sphere is a very recently built complex – it will still smell like new during the triathlon week! In addition, the date of Challenge Samorin coincides with the triathlons at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games, so we can look forward to a thrilling atmosphere. I have also heard that the organizers are preparing several attractive accompanying events too.

Do you think that records will be broken at Challenge Samorin, given the flat and fast course?

“From last year’s Slovakman, I know it is going to depend on the strength of the wind.However, I think changing the cycling route (from three laps to one) is definitely going to lead to faster times.The southeast wind was getting stronger during the morning hours, so we will have the tough part over with straight after swimming, when the wind is still not as powerful.And then we will be cycling with the wind at our backs. Although the running course has been changed slightly compared to the one of Slovakman, everything depends on how much we push each other to better performances, so anything is possible.”

Will you dare to beat your personal record?

“First of all, I am going to concentrate on my overall ranking, not the time. I would rather win with a slower time than last year, than ending second with a better time.”

Are you coming to Challenge Samorin with your family?

“Most definitely. Last year, my wife and our kids loved it here, they spent their free time in the swimming pools. The kids are already very excited to stay at the X-BIONIC® HOTEL directly in x-bionic® sphere and they will also take part in the kids aquathlon.“

Do you agree that x-bionic® sphere is the right place for training and organizing triathlon events?

“Of course. When I look at the layout of the whole complex, I can surely say that it lacks absolutely nothing. Hotel, swimming pools, gym, wellness, athletic track, cycling course right by the area – all of this guarantees a perfect training for any athlete. I really encourage everyone to come and try out x-bionic® sphere on their own skin. It is the ideal place for all sports lovers.”

x-bionic® sphere and Challenge Samorin are organizing triathlon camps. The first one will take place from the 15th to the 17th of April. What will you focus on?

“Since the camp takes place mid-April, we will not over-train anything. Maybe just some short sprints in the water. We will try a bit from everything and since we will be at x-bionic® sphere, all we will do is train, eat and relax.”

Could you talk about the daily plan of the camps in more detail?

“After everyone arrives on Friday, we will spend an hour or two just getting to know each other. After that, we will go swimming for an hour, have dinner, attend a lecture and regenerate. On Saturday morning, swimming for an hour and a half, breakfast, relax, bike (2-3 hours), lunch, relax, run for an hour followed by running exercises, swimming for an hour, dinner, regeneration. On Sunday, run, breakfast, relax, two hour bike, an hour of swimming and the camp is over!”

Will there be swimming in the Danube River?

“Not at this camp. It is not necessary in the middle of April. It would be a shame if we would not take advantage of the swimming facilities at the x-bionic® aquatic sphere. In the summer, swimming in the Danube will be an option, but as of right now, you do not have to bring your wetsuits.“

What message would you like to send to everyone who is interested in the triathlon camps?

“That I am inviting them all to x-bionic® sphere and that I am looking forward to meet everyone. I really believe that the camps will be popular and that we will have a fantastic training time together!“

You can find more information about the triathlon camps at x-bionic® sphere on www.challenge-samorin.com