P – T – S RUN as a part of rich program for the public

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The first year of the Run for all, P – T – S Run, which is part of the rich program for the public before the 51st year of the renewed athletic meeting Pravda – Televízia – Slovnaft (P –T – S), will be held in Šamorín´s modern sport complex x-bionic® sphere on Saturday 4th June.

The run will start at 14:00 and runners will have to run 4,5 km, with the finish being in front of Farriers restaurant in the already mentioned resort. The time limit is one hour. Runners will have to overcome different surfaces – pavements, asphalt, tartan and sand. Three best men and women will win prizes.

Only people who are 15 or older can take part. The maximum number of runners is 1000 so it´s important to apply early. You can register online until 1st June 2016, 24:00 on the following website: http://www.prihlasovanie.vysledkovyservis.sk/beh-pre-vsetkych-samorin.php. The entry fee is 2 euros with a T-Shirt as a bonus. Applicants who apply and pay before 21:00 on 30th May will get a starting number with their name. It is also possible to apply on the day of the run, on 4th June between 10:00 and 13:00, but then the fee is 4 euros. Every runner in the P – T – S Run will get a starting pack which includes a free entry to the pool in x-bionic® aquatic sphere for an hour and a half (you have to show your starting number to get in).

P – T – S Run is organised by the Slovak Athletic Union in cooperation with Three Poll swimming club. After the run, SAU invites all runners to attend the 51st year of the international athletic meeting P – T – S in the brand new stadium in x-bionic® sphere with the participation of Slovak elites and top foreign racers. The event will start at 16:00 and will last three hours.