The Iranian who chased Bold will come to P – T – S

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Spectators who are planning to come to the hypermodern x-bionic® sphere sport complex can look forward to seeing not only the already announced Henrich Bruintjies from South Africa (personal record: 9,97) and Charles Silmon from USA (9,98), but also Gavin Smellie from Canada and Hassan Taftian from Iran. The 30 years old Smellie with a personal record of 10,09 at 100 m is a member of the bronze Canadian relay at 4 x 100 m at the 2013 World Championship in Moscow, where he also got into the semi-final of the 100 m. The Iranian record holder at 100 m, Hassan Taftian, also stands out from the start list (10,10 in 2015). The 23 years old sprinter is this year’s hall champion of Asia at 60 m with an excellent record of 6,56 seconds. Last Friday, Taftian took part at the 55th year of the Golden Spike in Ostrava after a very distressful journey. Nevertheless, he won the 3rd place in the 100 m in time 10,25 after the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt (9,98) and Gittens from Barbados (10,21). “Taftian only arrived on the day of the race around 14:00 and at 18:45 he already ran alongside Bolt. He left Teheran at 3:00 in the morning, travelled by plane with two changes in Istanbul and Prague and then got a car from Prague to Ostrava. It is almost unbelievable that after a journey like that he finished in third place,” said Alfons Juck, the manager of the Golden Spike and the P – T – S meeting in Šamorín. The main program of the 51st year of P-T-S includes 16 disciplines (men: 100 m, 800 m, 1500 m, 400 m fences, height , triple jump, hammer throw, spear, 3000 m walk, 4 x 100 m, women: 100 m, 800 m, distance, hammer throw, 4 x 100 m, 4 x 400 m). The three-hours-long program with free entry will start at 16:00.