In x-bionic® sphere like at the Olympic Games in Rio!

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Since the end of last week, we know the name of the main ace of the once well-known event, which will come to life once again after 6 years under the old name P – T – S. This time, however, it will be hosted in x-bionic® sphere sport complex in Šamorín. Wlodarczykova from Poland, the only woman who has ever managed to surpass the 80 m limit, will take part in the hammer throw. On 1st August last year in Cetniew, the 4 kg heavy hammer flew 81,08 m from her hands! In the previous two years she surpassed her opponents by a horse´s length. Nobody could beat her last year in any of the eleven competitions, including the World Championship. Thanks to hear clear advantage, she was one of the three nominees for the European Female Athlete 2015 and the World Female Athlete 2015. “I´d like to invite all spectators to some good athletics! I already competed in Slovakia, on the Athletic Bridge in Dubnica, now I am already looking forward to going to Šamorín. I hope that spectators will create a wonderful atmosphere and will motivate us to perform well,” said the 30 years old Wlodarczykova to the media. The Pole achieved an excellent record at the Dubnice meeting in 2013 with an amazing 78,22, which is the best female hammer achievement in our country to-date. The World and European Champion is incredibly fit. Two starts, two world-class results of the year: first at the Golden Spike (78,22 m) and second last Saturday in Halle (79,48 m). She is the leader of the rankings with a head start of 3,17 m!

“The fastest man of this year on 100 m, Femi Ogunode, will come as well,” announced the chief of the organising council of the 51st P – T – S meeting and the President of the Slovak Athletic Union Peter Korčok. The runner from Qatar with Nigerian ancestry ran 9,91 seconds on 22nd April in Gainesville and equalled his Asian record. Ogunode won a bronze medal at the 2014 World Hall Championship at 60 m and last year, he was the 7th in the final of the World Championship at 200 m in Beijing. He is the holder of the Asian record (19,97) at this distance too. “We are pleased that we will have top opponents for our best athletes, like Matej Tóth who will take part in the 3000 m walk. Home elite, home spectators and solid rivals from abroad – that is the main point of the P – T – S event,” said Korčok. The main initiator of the renewal of the meeting and the new Vice President of SAZ Ladislav Ásványi told us about the financing of the races. “The budget is around 180 and 200 thousand euros, we have this money on our accounts so there are no risks. Taking into consideration that we are renewing the event, it is not an exorbitant sum of money,” he highlighted.

Financial bonuses will be given to the six best athletes in all of the 13 individual disciplines, regardless of their performance – 1500, 1000, 500, 300, 200, 100 euros from the 1st to the 6th place. Organizers will fully cover the costs of partaking for our elite, and partly for foreign athletes. Ladislav Ásványi: “We are trying to raise people´s awareness of athletics thanks to the new possibilities in the new sport complex in Šamorín. We´d like to teach people to attend athletics again, partly because next year in December, x-bionic® sphere will host the European Championship in cross-country run.”

The return of the famous P – T – S meeting of the 70s – 90s is a reality. Only few believed in its rebirth. “I am honoured that I can be at its renewal. Honestly, I never believed that P – T – S could ever come back,” confessed manager Alfons Juck, who used to be in charge of securing the participation of foreign elites during the most famous era of the meeting – a role he was charged with this time as well.


SLOVAK – MEN, 100 m: Volko, 800 m: Repčík, 400 m fences: M. Kučera,

height: Bubeník, hammer throw: Lomnický, Charfreitag, 3000 m walk:

Tóth. WOMEN – 800 m: Hrivnák Klocová, distance: J. Velďáková, hammer throw: Hrašnová, Lomnická.

FOREIGN – MEN, 100 m: Ogunode (Qatar), Bruintjies (South Africa), Silmon

(USA), Taftian (Iran), 1500 m: Cronje (South Africa), spear: Pjatnyca (Ukraine),

4 x 100 m: Brasil. WOMEN – 100 m: A. Anderson (USA), 800 m: Tkačukova

(Ukraine), hammer throw: Wlodarczykova (Poland), 4 x 100 m: Ukraine.

The names of other top athletes from abroad – and there will be many – will be announced at a press conference on 31st May.