TRABZONSPOR in x–bionic® sphere!

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Over the past couple of days, x-bionic® sphere hosted a Turkish football giant, seven-time Turkish Champion and eight-time winner of the Trabzonspor Turkish Cup.

The well-known trainer Ersun Yanal, who between 2004 and 2005 also served as the helmsmen of the Turkish representation, brought 21 players to Šamorín.

Yes, there is indeed a familiar face in the Trabzonspor cadre – the 28 years old Toga representative Serge Akapko who used to play for Žilina and who’s one of the survivors of the attacks on the Toga football team. After leaving Žilina, he started playing for the Ukrainian Hoverly Užhorod, then for the Turkish 1461 Trabzon, when he was only a little step away from becoming a member of the more famous Trabzonspor cadre. Akapko spent a part of the season hosting which led to transferring. As we noticed, his favourite buddy on the „Slovakya kamp“ was goal-keeper Esteban Alvarado from Costa Rica. They didn’t give us an interview despite the Turkish team’s willingness to do so, since there was no similar opportunity offered to the Turkish media either.   

The Turkish team made good use of the facilities in x-bionic® sphere, but they trained outside of it too. Some parts of their training, such as wrestling, were very interesting!

Some players, like the goal-keeper of the Turkish representation Onur Kivrak, were not present in Šamorín due to being on later vacations. Some players might quit the cadre since the owners of the club were not satisfied with the 12th placement last season. Therefore, players like Oscar Cardozo, Luis Cavanda, Douglas, Dame N´ Doye or Erkan Zengin, while still having a contract with Trabzon, could leave the team soon.

We will probably hear more about Trabzonspor not only for training in Slovakia. There is a possibility that after Róbert Vittek, Marek Sapar and Marek Čech, who in the recent past played for the Turkish team, the team will have a new player from Slovakia.