Guinness record broken at SPORTFEST

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Jan Kareš attempted to break the world record in the number of pull-ups in 24 hours at the SPORTFEST on Friday 19 August 2016 in the x-bionic® sphere. The goal was 7300 pull-ups in 24 hours and also to try to break the record in 6 hours and 12 hours.

He later changed his intentions due to the warm weather forecast and his feelings during the attempt. He started off with a higher tempo and broke the 6 hour record (3515 pull-ups). Jan managed to do 3569!

‘I only did the 6 hours and beat the young and strong American, Andrew Shapiro. I did 54 pull-ups more than him, 3569 pull-ups in total. For me, this is my best personal achievement, although this was the category, which I was the least confident in. I hope I still have enough energy left for a climbing project in the Dolomites, which will take place in a few days,’ said Jan Kareš about his performance.