We announce winners of the WECH 2016

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World Endurance Championship 2016 has its winners. Here are also some of their impressions right after the race.

1st place – Punti Dachs Jaume  – 6:46:42
"This is so emotional., I had a young horse and he did really  very well on the course. That was the most important that he managed the race so well.  Unfortunatelly  we had a bad luck as my wife Maria got out on the second loop but we have to deal with it".

2nd place – Luque Moral Alex – 6:47:32
"The 1st loop was the most difficult because there was a lot of horses and my mare is not used to. I had to slow it down to keep strengh for the end of the race.I prepared her differently from the last European Championship. I trained in the mountain this time. The track was very difficult but with various floors. It was very different from a loop to another".

3rd place – Al Khalifa HH SH Nasser – 6:49:47
"The race was very difficult especially the 3rd loop because of humidity. I believe in my plan and it works. To preprare this Championship, I trained in Bahrein and France. My horse was not tired at all, he was perfect".

Congratulations to winners and also to every rider who conquered this track.