Challenge Samorin 2016 highly ranked by elite triathlon athletes

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Filip Ospalý

How do you like the complex?

I like it very much, which is one of the reasons why I keep coming back so often. The complex is interesting for me, not only as a triathlete. Apart from swimming, cycling and running, there are plenty of other sports possibilities, and the food, restaurants, wellness, or the cinema are also great. One can see that it’s organized for athletes by athletes.

What are your plans for the competition?

I aim high, my goal is to win the competition, but a lot depends on my rivals as well, since some of them have had excellent results this year. All of us will compete under the same conditions – we need to see how fast the track will be. One also needs to take into consideration the dead wind and rain. Everything’s open, I feel great and I’m looking forward to the race.

What do you think about doubling the qualification slots?

You can notice it when going through the starting list, since it has attracted many good athletes who want to try the tracks and see the environment. Increasing the number of starting slots is also good for local triathletes who thus have greater chance to qualify themselves. It would be a shame, if they could not take part, because it’s a great opportunity for them.

Massimo Cigana

How do you like our resort?

It’s unbelievable, I’m bedazzled by the things I see – it’s fantastic for sport and relax. This is my first time here and in Slovakia too, and this impressed me a lot. Excellent first contact with sports facilities in Slovakia, very representative and appropriate facilities for international events of a similar format.

What are your plans for the competition and what are your biggest fears as far as the track is concerned?

To lose as little as possible at swimming, since that’s my weakest discipline, then I’ll try to catch up with the first cyclist. It will depend on the weather as well, but for me it makes no difference, I don’t mind the rain. The run will be decisive. I am the most confident in cycling, so I will try to gain some extra minutes on the bike.

Karol Džalaj

How do you like the resort?

The resort is huge, I had to find my way around at first. It’s great that there is a resort at such a high level in Slovakia. I don’t know any other place in Slovakia where things are done in such a great scope. It will definitely help the region in athletics, swimming, or equestrian sports.

How do you feel before the competition?

I feel good, cycling is my strongest discipline. My goal during cycling will be to make up for the lost time at swimming and gain some extra minutes for the run, which will be decisive. The competition is at a very high level, and there are no such facilities in the places where I have trained so far.

Helle Frederiksen

How do you like the resort?

You are creating excellent conditions for sports in Šamorín. I checked out the tracks before the race and I really liked it. The run was interesting because it led through your resort and I enjoyed that very much. Beautiful environment, excellent conditions, I can’t complain about anything. I’m especially glad that I was the first woman to finish the competition, because we have the opportunity to compete in a place, which is literally the centre of triathlon, or any other sport discipline. You organised an amazing sports event. I liked how visitors and families with children supported us during the race, despite the bad weather. It is always encouraging, it gives you energy on the track.

Do you have any rituals which you complete regularly before the race?

Not even a ritual, rather a rule: having the same breakfast, trying to be flexible and conform to the conditions of the race. To be relaxed, calm, and have a clear head is a priority for me – then I can perform well.
Rituals and things that work for you are essential to triathlon. It’s not a very good idea to use untested equipment at the race, and the same goes for food and anything, that the competitor hasn’t tried yet. It could negatively affect the result of the competition.

What are your plans for the rest of the season?

The season began only recently for me, since I had not competed for a while due to an injury. I am going back to America to train, even though I live in Denmark. I am planning on taking part on various triathlons in the U.S. and there is a big competition waiting for me in the Bahamas – the prestigious Island House triathlon, which you can only attend with an invitation. It is a nice competition in azure blue water, right in the ocean, with the distances of a classic Half Ironman, and the run will be on a coast. Just imagine a triathlon in the Bahamas – who wouldn’t want that!

Evert Scheltinga

What are your impressions after finishing first?

This is my first big international victory, so I’m very happy that I won, I really liked your resort. The bad weather didn’t bother me, I kept my own pace and this strategy has paid off. Cycling is my strong discipline, but swimming in the Danube was a good experience as well. The conditions during the whole race were excellent. Great track-marking, volunteers, spectators, maximum satisfaction.