The premiere CHALLENGEFAMILY CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 in triathlon in Samorin is ready to begin

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Everything is ready in the backstage, so when the race begins on Saturday morning, x-bionic®sphere in Samorin will write into history: modern sport complex is hosting the first championship in triathlon under CHALLENGEFAMILY brand – THECHAMPIONSHIP 2017.

"I am really glad that we have been given a chance to organise this event, that establishes new standards of international triathlon," said Richard Ungerhoger, CEO of x-bionic®sphere.

At the start of middle distance triathlon, that comprises a 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike and 21.1 km run, there will participate more than 900 athletes from 57 countries in many categories.

Between them, we can find the two-time Olympic winner Alistair Brownlee, who decided at the beginning of this season to start in middle distance triathlons. "Last ten years I focused on the Olympic triathlon, but as a sportsman I want to try a new challenge. I am really looking forward to the start," said British athlete. Between his rivals in Samorin, there will be a two-time winner of the World Triathlon Series, Richard Murray from South Africa, former world champion, Sebastian Kienle from Germany and it will be a premiere in the CHALLENGEFAMILY series for the best Slovak athlete Richard Varga.

In the women´s category will participate also Heather Wurtele, world´s third from Canada, and the former winner of the World Triathlon Series, Annabel Luxford from Australia.

"I am very proud of the composition of sportsmen and sportswomen that got together at THECHAMPIONSHIP. We have a lot of athletes, who deal with the triathlon in its different forms and now will stand on the start at THECHAMPIONSHIP and will write history in x-bionic®sphere," said Zigi Szulfcik, CEO of THECHAMPIONSHIP.

The preparation of THECHAMPIONSHIP was also praised by the Race Director Richard Belderok. "In the last months and weeks, we have been working very intensively, the cooperation of the international team with the local organisers worked brilliantly and the area is perfectly ready. I believe that everybody will be enthusiastic," said Belderok.

The starting shot is being fired on Saturday at 9:00 a.m., when men start their first discipline, swimming, and women are starting ten minutes later.