Titles from TheChampionship for Sanders and Charles

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Lionel Sanders and Lucy Charles, these are the names of the champions from the first World Championships under the cover of CHALLENGEFAMILY – THECHAMPIONSHIP 2017, that was held on Saturday in x-bionic®sphere in Samorin. The perfectly prepared complex, sunny weather with temperatures slightly above thirty and numerous spectators along the track and in x-bionic®sphere, these were the perfect conditions for the premiere Championship in the middle-distance triathlon, which comprises of a 1,9 swim, 90 km bike and 21k run. More than 900 athletes from 57 countries racing in different categories came to the start of the race.

The biggest applause was given to the fresh Champions – 29-year-old Canadian Lionel Sanders got the decisive lead in the second part of the run. As the second came Sebastian Kienle from Germany and the third was Michael Raelert.

"Until fourteenth kilometer of the run I was saying to myself that the second place is relatively fine. But later I noticed that Sebastian is not so fresh, so I tried to use it and I succeeded. I am very happy about the win," said Sanders.

The best Slovak athlete, Richard Varga, showed great performance in Samorin. After the swimming, he was a leader, but at the end he finished 11th.

"It was definitely the hardest triathlon I have ever experienced in my life. I have missed the first ten only a little bit, but nevertheless I am very satisfied and thankful for the support of fans along the track," said Slovak athlete.

We can find another Slovak name in the first 15 athletes – on 14th place finished Slovak Karol Dzalaj.

The best woman was Lucy Charles from Britain. The silver medal in x-bionic®sphere was given to Anabel Luxford from Australia, on the third place finished the world´s number three Heather Wurtele from Canada.

"Even two kilometres before the finish I did not fully believe that I can win, although I felt strong on the track. In the end I succeeded, I am very glad for the gold medal," said Charles, who won Ironman at Lanzarote at the end of May. "If somebody had told me at the beginning of the year that I would win both these races, I would have considered him to crazy."

Richard Ungerhofer could not hide the satisfaction after TheChampionship. "I am very glad that we have been given a chance to organise an event that sets up new standards in the international triathlon – and I think we set up really high standards. On the track, it was done by the top athletes, who our team from x-bionic®sphere supported with professionalism and maximum helpfulness in the organisation of the event. I believe that the sportsmen and sportswomen, their realisation teams and all the spectators enjoyed TheChampionship in Samorin – because in my opinion there was a lot to see," said Richard Ungerhofer, CEO of x-bionic®sphere.


Men: 1. Lionel Sanders (Canada) 3:40:03,7, 2. Sebastian Kienle (Germany) 3:41:46,1, 3. Michael Raelert (Germany) 3:45:34,6...11. Richard Varga (Slovakia) 3:58:46,8, 14. Karol Dzalaj (Slovakia) 4:03:08,5

Women: 1. Lucy Charles (Great Britain) 4:13:59,1, 2. Anabel Luxford (Australia) 4:14:33,3, 3. Heather Wurtele (Canada) 4:15:36,5, 22. Kristina Nec Lapinova (Slovakia) 4:51:05,5