Preparation of Canadian representants in synchronized swimming in AQUA ARENA

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An intense six-day assembly in the recreational - sports complex ELEMENETS RESORT in Šamorín was the tip of preparations of Canadian representatives in synchronized swimming for the upcoming World Swimming Championship in Kazan (24.7. – 9.8. 2015). We talked about the overall progress of preparations with Isabelle Lecompte, the team manager of this voyage. 


Why have you decided to undergo the final part of your preparations before the World Championship in the AQUA ARENA ELEMENTS RESOT? - we had asked the team manager of the Canadian representatives in synchornised swimming, Isabelle Lecompte. 


'There's a few places in the world like ELEMENTS RESORT'

What are your impressions of ELEMENTS RESORT?

'It's great here. During seven days we haven't had a single complaint. The temperature of the pools was ideal for our trainings, the team was absolutely satisfied. The neighbourhood is quiet, which was also comforting, we were able to perfectly concentrate on our work. We've heard that you're soon opening a hotel too, it'll be perfect after that - we can jump from our hotel rooms directly to the pool and train. Ideal.'

Do the pools and other equipment meet all criteria and standards, that you're used to after all the world events?

'As I've already mentioned, the water temperature is perfect. For our sport it's one of the most important matters when training. From a professional point of view the length and depth of the pool is ideal. We were surprised, because actually few pools in the world meet all the required standards to the last bit. It's really high levelled here. If we come back again, we're looking forward to the opening of the fitness, then we could enrich our trainings even more.'

How are you satisfied with the care that ELEMENTS RESORT provided you with?

'Your people were constantly helpful to us and very willing. Whenever we needed help, we always had someone to turn to. We really enjoyed ourselves here. We also appreciate your wellness, since to athletes the regeneration process is one of the most important parts when preparing for a contest. And since the wellness is interconnected with AQUA ARENA the conditions for our training were truly great. ELEMENTS RESORT is the ideal place for preparations of professional athletes but also for casual people. There's very few similar resorts of this kind.'