AQUA ARENA in Šamorín is Open

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In the multifunctional complex ELEMENTS RESORT in Šamorín the new AQUA ARENA is open, it's designated to professional water sports and family realaxation by water. The ceremonial christening was attended by icons from sport and social spheres and they together opened the place that meets the highest expectations of professional athletes and also offers relaxation and fun to everyday visitors. 


The area of AQUA ARENA was symbolically opened by the mayor of Šamorín, Gabriel Bárdos, by cutting through a red ribbon. 'We're really happy that a recreational - sports resort such as this is growing right in our town and we believe, that thanks to this we can unfold a lot of young sports talents,' stated the mayor. His words were completed by Svetlana Poláková, the general director of ELEMENTS RESORT, a.s.: 'AQUA ARENA, part of which will also be a high-top wellness centre, is an important element of the ELEMENTS RESORT complex. It's designed according to the requirements for organising professional national and international sport events and contests. It should serve to the preparation of national and also foreign sport clubs and representatives in the field of swimming, synchronized swimming or water polo, but also to people who seek happiness and fun in sport.'

AQUA ARENA was symbolically baptized by Slovak sport and showbusiness icons - canoe racers the Hochschorner brothers, football players Ján Ďurica and Filip Šebo, hockey player Dominik Graňák, swimmers Richard Nagy and Katarína Listopadová and the famous Slovak anchorman  Matej „Sajfa“ Cifra. Eight celebrities swam in the historically first contest in AQUA ARENA, 50 m freestyle in the outdoor Olympic pool. The renowned swimmers were cheered on from the grandstand by children from elementary schools.

Except the 50 m outdoor pool another part of AQUA ARENA is also a 25 m indoor swimming pool, both equipped with OMEGA pace clocks. Families with children will also find their own place here, for whom there are prepared 3 children pools (1 indoor, 2 outdoor), a recreational pool with various features (water massage jets, steam holes, and a so called 'wild water'),  4 spiral chutes or toboggans (2 indoor, 2 outdoor) and two outdoor water slides. Furthermore AQUA ARENA is special because of the outdoor grandstand with the capacity of 1000 viewers and an indoor one for 300 viewers. 

AQUA ARENA in ELEMENTS RESORT is open throughout the year, 7 days in a week, while the opening hours and operational conditions are adjusted to the summer and winter season. AQUA ARENA is the most accessible resort in the region, with attractive entry prices for the owners of the loyalty customer cards ELEMENTS CARD and citizens of Šamorín. The price of a 1,5 hour entry to the pool area for a casual visitor starts at 3.50 €. A three-hour family entry (2 adults + 2 children) to the whole AQUA ARENA costs only 34 €. There are prepared special prices for the citizens of Šamorín which can be used in the whole selection of AQUA ARENA. You can find more information on www.elementsresort.sk

ELEMENTS RESORT a.s. is a company operating the evenly named multifunctional area in Šamorín near the river Danube since 2014. On an area of over 100 hectares it offers conditions for professional as well as amateur sporting, relaxation and congressional tourism. It’s open throughout the whole year and meets the highest expectations of professional athletes and the wide public. ELEMENTS RESORT consists of the following elements: HIPPO ARENA, AQUA ARENA, and since 2016 also SPORT and HOTEL. Together they create a unique combination of sports grounds, relaxation facilities, living compartments, congress rooms and additional services of the highest quality. With its complex approach, wide selection, high quality and original architectonic solution it belongs to the most interesting complexes of its kinds in Europe and the whole world. ELEMENTS RESORT is a place for fantastic sport achievements, unique experiences and active relax.