Yoga for children

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Yoga helps children develop their motor skills, fantasy and playfulness. It calms children down and teaches them how to concentrate. Our yoga classes for children focus on different age categories. They will teach your children to work with their body and soul and will introduce them to a healthy lifestyle and correct breathing techniques.

Pre-school age (3-6 years): playful yoga, imitation of animals and objects from everyday life, work with children's fantasy and creativity, children improve their motor skills, gain awareness of the states of relaxation and tension, they learn to breathe correctly and work on their balance.

Younger school age (6-11 years): children improve their flexibility, endurance and strength, they often train in pairs, there is a great emphasis on motivation.

Older school age (12-15 years): the course focuses mainly on correct body posture, there is a greater emphasis on the correct execution of different positions, featuring various relaxation exercises and full yoga breathing practice.

From 1 February every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 17:00 - 18:00

Price for 1 month: 120€

Price for 3 months: 304€