Darts Slovak Open 2018 public invitation

+421 313 262 000

Come to x-bionic® sphere with the whole family to experience an unforgettable sporting moment. On Feb. 23-25, at the VICTORY congress room (near Tuli® Cinema), more than 350 athletes from 14 different countries will measure their strengths and abilities. The most vibrant names of the tournament include world-class stars such as Lisa Ashton, Tony O'Shea, or Scott Waites. Darts referee of the tournament will be the one and only, Russ "The Voice" Bray, which is known due to his unique style of calling and his raspy voice. Entry for the public is free.


For those of you, who have always wanted to try out this unusual sport, we have prepared a special darts board, where you can try your skills and make your evening enjoyable fun in the family and friends. Throughout the Darts Slovak Open 2018, you will be able to buy snacks and drinks at Tuli® Cinema.