Slovakman 113 - favourite winner Filip Ospalý

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Slovakman 113 is the title of the event that carries the status of the Slovak Half Iron Triathlon Championship and was also part of the Czech and Slovak Ironman (long) triathlon cup. For the first time in the history this event came to happen in ELEMNTS RESORT. It was pretty obvious before the race that the organizators will probably register a record number of participants on the startline not only on middle tracks but overall in terms of Slovak triathlon. 

The starting list included names of the biggest caliber, but also of complete newcomers who tried triathlon for the very first time in their lives. The most aggresive star of the event was the current European champion of the Half Iron triathlon Filip Ospalý from the Czech republic. His biggest concurents in Šamorín were his fellow countrymen Tomáš Mika and Ladislav Dvořák, from Slovakia for instance Andrej Orlický or Pavel Šimko. A huge question mark was hanging over the starting of our best long-tracker Karol Džalaj who was just shortly after recovery. He was defending his title of Slovak champion during Slovakman 113 from last year and he managed to do so. 

The winner in the end became Filip Ospalý with his time 4:00:56. You can find the whole results HERE.

Watch the video of Filip Ospalýfinish or his startline.