Master's Energy Tour knows its victors

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The two weeks long races (100 km + 100 km) in endurance riding, the Master's Energy Tour, finally know its victor. From the initial 24 riders only 11 of them had finished the prestigious event. In the end the joy of the overall triumph was won by Spanish rider Dachs Izquierdo Alejandra and her horse QUALIF DU PONCELET. She managed to cross the 200 km distance in 9:02:38. Following her the second was her compatriot  Punti Dachs Jaume with his horse QUERHAN DU TOURTEL and French Mosti Laurent with ASSIHA DE FIGNOLS finished third. A great success for Slovakia was the fourth place won by Mario Hoffmann with his horse CASHIN IN, who crossed the finish line only with a two and a half minute delay after the French third. The Best Condition Award was given to winners horse QUALIF DU PONCELET who also received except success, great feeling and a trophy a 35 000 € as a reward.