The start and course of Hargaš Memorial

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On Wednesday, 23.09.2015 at 13:00, the annual 70th year of Hargaš Memorial was started. Overall 90 races from 14 countries stood by the starting line. The collective start took the races from the Karlova Ves tributary to Čilistov where the first stage ended. It was 27 km long. The first racers crossed the finish line of the first stage after an hour and a half. The winners of the stage were Spanish racers paddling a tandem kayak - Alvaro Fiuza a Walter Bouzan. The second and third place was won by Hungarian K2 racers Adrián Boros with László Solti and Tamás Petri and Márton Meszáros. The winner of th K1 category is José Leonel Ramalho from Portugal. The best Slovak racer was Marian Lachkovič. The second stage will start on Thursday , 24.09.2015 by Jelka, in the area By Matis - Little Danube.

The winners of Hargaš Memorial's second stage in the K2 category are Maďari László Solti with Adrián Boros, category K1 was similarly to the previous day overtaken by José Leonel Ramalho from Portugal. C1 was won by Hungarian Márton Kövér.

The third stage of the the Hargaš Memorial was marked by bad weahter. Although it had no effect on the great perforamnces of the racers. The K2 triumph was achieved by Spanish Walter Bouzan and Alvaro Fiuza, the K1 was won third time in a row by Portugese José Leonel Ramalho. The C1 category was dominated by Márton Kövér.