Brazilian Weekend

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Thursday 30th of July HIPPO - ARENA Šamorín commenced the biggest horse jumping event of this summer – SUMMER MASTERS 2015, part of which was the C group show jumping qualification for the XXXI. Summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. However that was not the only connection to Brazil. A thriving show schedule was devised for the visitors of the AQUA ARENA that made everyone feel as if they were really spending time in the sunray-filled lands of Brazil. The show consisted of activities for children and adults, full of exercise, dance and fun. The most pleasing activities were the jumping exercises, zumba, true Brazilian samba or Latino dance lectures. During this weekend we’d recorded a high rate of participation in our whole resort since immensely prestigious races were taking place in HIPPO - ARENA Šamorín. However at the same time we meant to create an auxiliary event that would interest our guests and entertain them inbetween the races. The Brazilian weekend was dedicated to little and to big visitors, who wanted to do sports. Aside of the previously mentioned dance workshops we also prepared other sport activities such as badminton, volleyball, football, hula hoop or limbo dancing,’ said the ELEMENT RESORT event manager, Renáta Vadoczová.