The battle for the European Cross Country Championships 2017 nomination

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A great opportunity for Šamorín and ELEMENTS RESORT

On next Monday's European athletics council meeting in Frankfurt am Main, it will be decided whether Slovakia will host the next European Cross Country Championships 2017. This Saturday, the potential European championship site ELEMENTS RESORT will host the national championships of Slovakia.  

"We are offering a unique site, where everything is located in one place," says the chairman of the Slovak athletic federation Peter Korčok. "We fulfilled all of the requirements of European Athletics (EA), eliminated minor faults that were pointed out by the inspection committee in September." The chairman discussed the candidacy with many important people from the leadership of EA, including during the annual conference and the extraordinary congress in mid-October in Lausanne. "We introduced our concept, explained why we are starting this project. Many have encouraged and praised us, that is why we believe, that we will be granted a chance," Peter Korčok adds.

"Our highest ambition is to organize the Cross Country Championships 2017 in a way that Europe has not yet experienced. This means, that the participants will be provided with accomodation, catering, racing and accompanying cultural events literally all in one place. By the end of this year, we are planning to finish the construction of the hotel sites that will provide a capacity of 990 beds. It is very difficult to find a complex with a similar infrastructure in Europe," said the Chairman of the Board of ELEMENTS RESORT, Juraj Bača. He adds: "There are the opportunities that ensure that the 2017 Championships will take place in an extraordinary and lively atmosphere under full tribunes."

Juraj Bača also noted that from the view of the employees of ELEMENTS RESORT, nothing more could have been done for a successful candidacy for organizing the European Cross Country Championships 2017. The same can be said about the representatives of the Slovak athletic federation, who want to organize one of the most prestigious championships in athletics in Slovakia for the first time.  

"A lot will depend on our sports luck and the right lobbying right now, to see whether or not we will get the rights to organize the championships. Whether the council of the European athletics will give us a chance to shine or not. You can never see that beforehand. If we are not successful this year, we will keep on trying. The most successful athletes are those, who are not afraid to compete with the most challenging enemies and find out, whether they have the abilities to be successful in the battle or not. And we want to be successful, because we are athletes," Juraj Bača stresses.   

During the short period of time since its opening, ELEMENTS RESORT had already hosted the Slovak Swimming Championships and a long triathlon, as well as various prestigious equestrian games. One of the most important events of this season was the Olympic Qualification for Rio de Janeiro 2016 in showjumping for Central Europe, or the European Endurance Championships. „Athletics are the natural continuation of our present organizational efforts. Athletics, the basis of all sports, should have an honorable place in our selection. The fact that we are one of the candidates for organizing one of the greatest European athletic events is a great honor for our resort," adds the Chairman of the Board of ELEMENTS RESORT and a member of the bronze coxed four on the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Juraj Bača.